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Find any products cheaper, Contact us for a Price Match!


Spool Toyota 1HZT Diesel Conrod & Ross Custom Forged Pistons Packages

Original price $2,448.00 - Original price $3,070.00
Original price
$2,448.00 - $3,070.00
Current price $2,448.00
  • Spool 1HZT Diesel Conrods & Ross Racing Custom Diesel Forged Pistons Package Deal

    Piston features

    • Bore Size: STD or +0.5mm
    • Pistons come with Rings, Pins and Locks
    • Forged 2618
    • Fully Anodized
    • Optional H13 Pin Upgrade available for serious Soot (check dropdown for stock)

    With today’s bolt-on upgrades Diesel enthusiasts are ever increasing the horsepower and torque outputs of their engines. However many diesel owners are not aware that the stock O.E.M pistons can become the “weak link”. With the increase in boost pressure and fuel timing the stock top ring land can fracture and break, usually with serious results.

    Spool Imports new ROSS Racing Diesel Power pistons are CNC-Machined out of tough 2618 T-61 forged aluminium. Featuring a full Anodized coating to increase pistons skirt life and the option of upgraded H13 gudgeon pins. These pistons are the “go to” for reliable big boost diesel high performance engines. These pistons are lighter and stronger than O.E.M pistons and can withstand more boost and RPM without failure.

    Note: These pistons are designed for performance / motorsport / racing use only and are not intended as a general replacement piston for high kilometre usage.

    Spool Conrod features:

    All Spool Conrods come standard with ARP 2000 Fasteners.

    These are a H Beam 4340 con rod to suit the Toyota 1HD and come with ARP2000 7/16 fasteners and 33mm pin.

    They are perfect for when upgrading your 1HZ to turbo. Use these upgraded rods with our custom piston option.

    These conrods feature:

    • High tensile 4340 forged steel
    • 2 Piece forging
    • Hardness of HRC36-42
    • Dowelled caps for precision alignment
    • X-RAY & Sonic tested
    • Quenching and heat treated
    • Shot peened
    • 100% Magnafluxed
    • Weight Matched Sets + - 1 gram
    • Vacuum degassed to remove impurities.

    No bearings are included!